Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the update that was meant to happen over the weekend

I had the urge to blog but the photos were taking too long. So it just looks like a) this could potentially be a very picture-less post OR b) i could wait till the photos load which by then i think the mood to blog would be gone. Since i think shuen needs something to read i have chosen option A. :D

Ok, speaking about this weird bug/insect i found in my room. it had like sharp fangs ( i kid u not!) and those long hair things ... whats the name for those? nways its very apparent that im not very good at description. To keep it simple, IT was disgusting as all insects are and scared the sh*t out of me. No, it wasn't a typically roach ... more like a mutated version of one with fangs!

On another note, we have a new addition to the house - Coco Chanel. However, as much as we'd like her to be ladylike, she tends to sit in the most obscene position exposing her ahem as well as her very rounded tummy. :P

OOOO! n the other day while i was cooking, there was an egg with like two yolks in it. Not the kind where you cook two separate eggs and make the yolks stick together but an actual ONE egg that had like TWO yolks - i have a picture to prove it bt of course the net is like taking forever and thus the picture has yet to be uploaded. maybe i'll have another post - like a whole post dedicated to pictures of the past ... -_-"

this seems like a very disjointed and random post. i hope it kept you entertained coz this pretty much is the end. must find job. need to make money and buy hello kitty mac products!

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